Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Here are a list of 26 slogans (down from 82) that may eventually be put onto a band t-shirt. Which are your favourites?

1-Doppelganger Effekt significantly changed my life
2-DE ruined my life
3-DE killed Kurt Cobain
4-DE killed my inner child
5-DE destroyed the ring of power
6-DE is the 4th Noble Truth leading to enlightenment
7-DE beat the devil in a fiddle competition
8-DE laughs at gravity
9-DE can cure cancer but won't
10-DE knows the 5-point exploding heart technique
11-DE defeated Gamera and Mothra
12-DE rested on the 7th day
13-DE uses sex as a weapon
14-DE supports the idea of tofu
15-DE eats meat
16-DE composes with a +2 broadsword
17-DE is all afterpants
18-DE is the Danish cartoonist
19-DE is the difference between right and wrong
20-DE doesn't believe in shameless self promotion
21-DE may contain traces of peanuts
22-DE is the other white meat
23-DE wears short shorts
24-DE survived Soddom and Gomorrah
25-DE made genocide a weight loss technique
26-DE is better than the sum of its slogans

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