Thursday, April 13, 2006

Come see Doppelganger Effekt play tomorrow at Rock for Recycling. We'll be hitting the stage at around 12:30 during this 12-5 event to rock the campus for anyone who decides that its a good idea to be within listening distance that early. If it gets all afterpants by the end, I'll consider it a smashing success. This will be a nice warm up show before our big one on the 21st at Le Magog ironically situated in Sherbrooke.

I had a job interview yesterday. It turns out my French sucks. I blame the the English school system and the Cubans for this one. I now highly suspect that Bishop's doesn't have very many happy customers during the summer based on the questions I Was asked during this interview. Judging by these, they over or double bookall of their spaces and have people yelling at them all the time. Complete hackdiggery if you ask me They also told me that they keep their employees on "an elastic leash". Upon revision, I'm glad I didn't get this job.

I have a final exam tomorrow that I really should start studying for. See you all tomorrow.

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