Thursday, March 09, 2006

"I'm sure most of you have already heard about this in one form or another, but I will take this time to make sure that everyone does. Alice Through the Looking Glass, directed by Michael Kennard, will be presented tonight and every night this week at Studio theatre at 8pm for the shockingly reasonable rate of 10$. Be there, or I'll hunt you down and eat your liver."

There you have it in The Bruce's own words. Personally, I'd rather not have my liver eaten, so I will go see the play on Saturday night. Anyone who would like to join Ilana and I are welcome to notify me in the comments. Also, there will be a concert on Friday night that Dr. Awesome/Captain Zoom/Bazooka Chris and I will be attending featuring the Pocket Dwellers. They are up for a Juno for best new band this year even though their first album came out in 2000. Can anyone explain that to me in simple, small words? Tickets for this one are $5 if you buy in advance from the scalpers around campus or Dolittles or $10 if you are supremely lazy and/or coerced into going and just show up at the door.

This post brought to you by Sam's Weekend Plans. Making your weekend more enjoyable than Killer Robots From Venus since 2003.

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