Saturday, March 25, 2006

From this ultra reliable source comes the first vestiges of hope that warp speed may actually be possible and/or achievable. Of course, it could be from a trekkie just dreaming up things and making them sound plausible (quantum physisist? of course he is a trekkie). But then, here is another more reliable article stating the same thing in more fascinating detail.

In other news, I met this 7 year old kid son of some musicians from the ensemble called Strata (they played a show at Bishop's yesterday and will play another with students on Sunday at 2) who was quite taken by my beard of knowledge and decided to construct his own robotic beard (aka the Kenneth Extension) with nothing but paperclips and elastic bands. This was all kinds of cool and also very funny to see this little man run up to me, point to my face and shout, "BEARD OF KNOWLEDGE!" and either run away or right into me, trying to take me down under the misguided assumption that it was possible. It is unfortunate that I didn't get a picture of him proudly wearing his homemade prosthetic, or making his dad try it on to see how he would look with a beard.

I think it looks rather klingon.

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