Monday, January 23, 2006

The results aren't quite all in yet, but I think I did pretty good in the traditional family election seat competition, tentatively winning 4 prizes out of a possible 5. The competition is to guess the number of seats each party will win and the one closest to the actual number wins a prize for each party. Here were my predictions and the prizes:

125 (small tub of vanilla ice cream because they are bland, unoriginal and a little bit cold)
Liberal: 92 (no name strawberry twists because they are cheap, they are red faced and they are slightly twisted)
Bloc Quebecois: 51 (block of P'tit Quebecois cheddar split in half because they are from Quebec and they want to break apart)
New Democratic Party: 35 (No Name brand dill pickle chips because somehow you can make the initials NDP in there. It was a bit unclear for me also my sister is a die hard dill pickle chip fan)
Other: 3 (the bag of mixed nuts is self explanatory)

As it stands now, or when I last looked, I won all the prizes but that for the Liberals. Oh, and we came in second after The Water Solubles in the battle of the bands on Saturday. w00t! Was uber fun.

Overheard quote of the day:
"Yeah, well, that's because Mother Nature is a big, crazy, old b****!" Such enlightening things you hear around campus these days.

Update: After all the votes have been counted, it turns out I only won the cheese and the ice cream. Oh, and a guitar pick for getting the Bloc number exactly right. Hahaha, so much fun.

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