Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I've started school and it looks like I'm going to have some great courses, some hard courses and some really great teachers. My favorite professor this semester teaches Modern Art From 1950. Every word that comes out of that man's mouth is gold as far as I'm concerned. He also has the best accent of all time and space: Part Montrealais and part Parisian. Another of my professors whom I have not taken a course with so far has turned out to be a very funny man even though he teaches Finance II. Today in class we were talking about corporations and Heinz came up. Out of nowhere this six-foot-plus well dressed near Spock look-a-like (he had a thicker jaw) said this: "It is a bit embarrassing, but I actually like baby food." He never smiles though. He seems like an interesting man. Another of my teachers is Profe- *Ahem* Doctor Miller. Enough said.

Oooooh, I got my pocket-watch in the mail today all the way from Hong Kong. I think it is pretty cool. I got a pocket-watch because my wrist versions kept breaking. It looks like this:

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