Monday, October 10, 2005

I think Blogger is actively trying to keep me away from this blog. Everytime I go to update I am not able to get access for some reason. Anyways, I am in the process of building a trebuchet (not the French one, the other kind, the one on wheels instead of the sissy rocking chair model as told by Senor Soupe's Dad who was kind enough to give us some nails for the project because he'd seen one built on TV and wanted someone to build one and teach those Frenchies* a lesson on how to build a trebuchet ... or something) with Dr. Snowman. We are building one for the following reasons:

Reason the first: We can.
Reason the second: Who doesn't want a trebuchet?
Reason the third: Teach those French*-wrong-trebuchet-builders how to do it properly trhough lack of technique and guesswork for Senor Soupe's dad.
Reason the fourth: If we don't build a trebuchet who will?
Reason the fifth: To prove to someone who may care that we are not good for nothing loafers that never do anything productive (I'm not sure this will help our case)
Reason the sixth: So we can say when asked what we did on the weekend, " I watched some TV, ignored homework, built a trebuchet, played some music ... you know, the usual."
Reason the seventh: Trebuchet is fun to say, so why not build one.
Reason the eighth: It would look cool in the back yard doing nothing.
Reason the ninth: Want to see if we can hit Senor Soupe's house with a pumpkin without actually moving too much.
Reason the tenth: We can.

With any luck we will be instilling terror in the hearts of many with our seige weapon within a few weeks. If anyone wants to see it, just knock on the green door twice, say the password, give one of us $10 and then we'll decide if you are worthy or not.

I'm also reading Harry Potter at the moment. Bye all you trebuchetless people. Don't stay too jealous too long. Oh and beware, terror may well be instilled in your heart if are among the many, which statistically speaking, you probably will be. Consider yourselves warned.

*This is a term of endearment. We here at the Fangorious Leap like the French and all those who speak the great language and don't care if they made up the word for something the Chinese invented long before France was even a notion in a seamonster's kin of a king**.

**Some parts of this statement may have been made up or repeated out of context.

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