Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I have tendonitis, so this post will be short as typing isn't exactly great for it. At least I have the week off work. Everyone should go see the play called The Bald Soprano starting on the 5th (thats when I'll be going) at the studio theatre. Most of my drama buddies are in it and it should be awesome. If you can, and want to, you should get tickets for the System of a Down show in Montreal. My seats are way up in the grey section, but it should still be awesome. I'll bring a telescope or something. I hear they are going to fix the bridge near Bishop's, you know, the one that has gaping holes patched up with road signs on the sidewalk part. They are going to start fixing it in September when all the students return. Anyone else find this idea a mind-numbingly bad one? They have over a month until school starts. Fix it now. Sam.

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