Sunday, July 03, 2005

I watched Ninja of the Magnificence today. It is now officially the worst movie I have ever seen. Seven bulleted points showing what was wrong with this movie:

1) The lack of coherent plot
2) The extraneous subplot with british ninjas (all having headbands proclaiming them to be so) made the movie appear as if it were actually two movies spliced together after someone lost a bunch of original footage
3) Afore mentioned British actors wearing ninja costumes of colours such as mauve and daisy yellow
4) The pointless scenes of rocks and flowerbeds lasting 30+ seconds where nothing actually happens
5) The ninjas use samurai swords (minor but valid)
6) The entire plot (or what there was of one) was summarized on the back, including the end
7) The entire movie was dubbed even though all the actors were speaking english

I'm embarassed to say that this was a Canadian film.

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