Saturday, June 04, 2005

Yes, it is true, I actually do work in a rubber factory moulding mud flaps. It is a very hard job and I come home physically exhausted everyday. Hopefully I will become accustomed to it soon. It pays pretty well, though. I made about $10.44 an hour (paid per piece with a floor of $9/hour) yesterday. Interesting thing though, I work entirely with people who don't speak my mother tongue. If they aren't French, they are Spanish. One good thing, I may get a lot better at French and maybe even pick up some spanish (I learned that guero means leather "comme le peau des animal..."). Oh, and I'll definitely be in shape and all buff by the end of the summer. I may not post as often because I'm often quite tired, so please forgive me. Email me if you want though, I like emails.

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