Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I got my pictures back from Ilana's graduation. I found out that I look pretty evil when I wear black. Look at this picture of me and my sister. I'm clearly up to something, something devious. My sister looks like she is about to punch something, probably me. She has her fists clenched and that strained smile for the camera on her face.

Oh wow, look at that picture. What a handsome devil with that windblown hair and that sexy ampersand around his neck.... Narcissistic? Who? Perhaps my sister was jealous of my ampersand.

This picture is one I find hilarious. Look at Ilana, all sweet and beautiful, looking off into middle distance, and then there is my mug doing my best to hold that incredulous / surprised / non-comprehending look while my dad is laughing behind the camera. Oh, and look! Two sexy ampersands.

I guess Etienne found that look pretty funny also. Of course, that could be because of all the illegal drugs he has clearly been smoking when no one was looking. Or maybe he is high on cheese!*

*Etienne wasn't actually high on anything (except, perhaps, life), it just appears that way in this picture.

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