Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I started my new job today at the rubber factory. I make mudflaps for big trucks. Now I smell like them. Go me.


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I got my pictures back from Ilana's graduation. I found out that I look pretty evil when I wear black. Look at this picture of me and my sister. I'm clearly up to something, something devious. My sister looks like she is about to punch something, probably me. She has her fists clenched and that strained smile for the camera on her face.

Oh wow, look at that picture. What a handsome devil with that windblown hair and that sexy ampersand around his neck.... Narcissistic? Who? Perhaps my sister was jealous of my ampersand.

This picture is one I find hilarious. Look at Ilana, all sweet and beautiful, looking off into middle distance, and then there is my mug doing my best to hold that incredulous / surprised / non-comprehending look while my dad is laughing behind the camera. Oh, and look! Two sexy ampersands.

I guess Etienne found that look pretty funny also. Of course, that could be because of all the illegal drugs he has clearly been smoking when no one was looking. Or maybe he is high on cheese!*

*Etienne wasn't actually high on anything (except, perhaps, life), it just appears that way in this picture.


Saturday, May 21, 2005

I just saw Star Wars Episode III. Awesome movie, it was. They killed off my hero! :'(

I had my first Conversational French lesson today with my new teacher, the robot cook, posts here as Mekashef or MKSF. Believe it or not, he actually knows a lot of French. Some of the more noteable/depressing words I learned today include: gerant, minable, mauvais, mal, echelle and poignet. In return I teach him the basics of guitar. He gets a cookie if he can recognize the progression I gave him to learn by the next lesson.


Thursday, May 12, 2005

Farewell Mailin. You will be missed.

And look at Ilana, studying, a year ago. I bet no one remembers this picture. I sure didn't. It came as quite a surprise to find it on my computer. I think this was one of my first pictures with what was then my new digital camera. Look at all that chalk on the walls.

I found this wonderful picture of my sister. I don't think she'd like it if she found I posted this online, so no one tell her. Ok?

I also found a song about the Kreb's Cycle. It kind of sucks. I shouldn't be surprised. How it got on my computer is what I want to know. Anyone who wants a copy of the song, let me know and I'll email it to you or something. Let you be warned though, it really sucks. Those who seem to get off on really really bad stuff may like it though.

Sam with a beard last summer. He looks sort of angry, but he isn't. Well, maybe a little bit. Those steps are not as comfortable as they look. Oh, and I was working. My partner was being stupid that day too, so I cut him out of the picture. Mwhahaha!

Finally, a pretty sky last summer. I can't wait until it is really summer and not just feeling like summer.

And this has been another (?) edition of late night (early morning?) finding and posting pictures from Sam's computer.


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I just found out that the dentist in my town's name is Dr. Christopher W. Herten-Greaven. I'm absolutely serious. Has anyone actually gone for an appointment with this guy? I know I'm staying as far away from him as possible, at least as far as dentistry is concerned. I told this to my mother and all she had to say was, "At least he isn't an undertaker."


Thursday, May 05, 2005



Monday, May 02, 2005

This is a desktop (reduced in size) I made from one of the pictures from when I (and the rest of the band) went to the recording studio in Montreal. I think it is really cool, of course I'm a bit biased because I made it and took the picture to begin with. It has meaning for me, like a good piece of artwork (I'm not comparing this to any great works, don't worry).

I explained it in this way recently to someone via an MSN conversation. She didn't get it. Perhaps my explanation was not clear:

The subject is the only thing in the picture we can definine, yet it is the only thing that is blurry. The swirls of nothing are clearly defined. This seems to suggest that though we can clearly see definition in them, this doesn't convey meaning and that meaning itself is subjective and not dependant on clarity. The fact that the guitarist has no face or fingers accents this point.

Reading it again, I understand it isn't all that clear.


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