Sunday, April 17, 2005

Life, the Universe and Everything

This post will only be in note form because I should really be studying for exams of which I have 4 this coming week and another paper due at the end of that. My first exam is tomorrow morning and I am a bit worried about it but studying for it seems a bit less than productive because it all seems so easy, logical and henously boring. The exam I'm really worried about is on Wednesday evening and is for my Marketing Management class. I am particularly worried because I failed the midterm. So, right now I try to bring myself to study for intermediate microeconomics, listen to Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead and talk to friends online. I can be a motivated individual under certain circumstances, but studying for business finals seems not to be one of them. I think it is this reason that I will be forever condemned to scholastic mediocrity.

Tim Burton is coming out with a new animated film. This looks like it will be a great film. I have not seen an animated Tim Burton film. Please don't lynch me. The HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy movie comes out next week and Mkshf and I are going to the premier. I don't know how, or where, but we are going, and it had better be worth it. It seems I forgot about the whole note form thing. Oh well, I guess you get a treat today. Sorry about the lack of posting lately, I have been busy and will likely continue to be for at least the coming week. 2 more things. 1) Mai Lyn is coming from Germany tomorrow. w00t! 2) I need a summer job, any ideas?

Wish me sanity and good luck.

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