Friday, April 08, 2005

A conversation I had yesterday during attendance taking for choir.

Ben: I've never made a fart before.
Me: Really?
B: Well, usually you get kicked out of class, but seriously, who is going to kick me out of choir?
Me: True.
Ben: 'Alright Ben, here's a dunce cap, get on the front of the stage!'

Disruptive laughter and scenario building ensued.

Finally, someone else who finds the dunce cap idea hilarious and uses it themselves. Ben is generally a funny guy, but I've not hung out with him at all outside choir, nor in all probability will I as we run in very different crowds.

Anyways, one 30-page paper down, one to go. Choir show for tonight and Saturday are sold out. Buy your tickets for Sunday as soon as possible.

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