Wednesday, March 23, 2005

An interesting conversation I had this afternoon that I thought was document worthy. Now that it has been documented, it seems a bit lacking. Perhaps I forgot some vital bits, but I'm pretty sure it is pretty accurate. No offence was meant, I was clearly joking about the babies.

Me: …Something, something… third wheel.

Mystery Person: I think the expression was originally ‘fifth wheel’.

Me: Fifth wheel? Are you sure? Third wheel sounds much better.

Mystery Person: Yeah, but a fifth wheel is completely useless.

Me: So is a third wheel.

Mystery Person: What about on a tricycle?

Me: Tricycle’s are stupid. Babies use them.

Mystery Person: So, everything babies use are stupid?

Me: Naturally. Babies are stupid.

Mystery Person: Hahaha!

Me: Pretty much everything they do is stupid.

Mystery Person: You're stupid. Eww! Babies do you!

Me: That’s disgusting!

Mystery Person: You’re disgusting.

Me: I wish.

*Maniacal laugher ensues*

Fabulous prizes to the person who guesses the mystery person. The mystery person cannot win. Other restrictions may apply.

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