Friday, March 18, 2005

I went to a Planet Smashers/Guttermouth/Ghosts of Modern Man concert last night with Ilana and Dr. Awesome. It was really good, especially Ghosts of Modern Man. They had this crazy bassist with dreads similar to Samuel L. Jackson in Caveman's Valentine and at one point during the last song he picked up a beer bottle and started playing his bass with it for a while. It was uber cool. Dr. Awesome bought one of their CD's. The Planet Smashers were pretty good too. They have some really good songs that are way better live, my favorite being Life of the Party. At one point during the last encore, the trumbonist tripped and fell over backwards over the guitarist and lead singers patch cord while he was running backwards across the stage. After playing for 30 seconds more in a confused way, the singer gets everyone to stop, says a few words about why you should loop the cord around the strap (so you can trip anyone of course), puts his guitar back on, and counts in the end of the song. Was an awesome show! Oh yeah!

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