Sunday, March 06, 2005

I forgot to mention that in one of the recordings that we made on Tuesday of a certain song in which I have some vocal input was great, except for the fact that I only sang on key about half of the time. This is perhaps due to the fact that I was making most of it up as the song went, and that I was experimenting with some falsetto sounding notes that aren't really. I think my voice sounded alright, or at least it would have had I hit notes that were not awkward to the point of wincing, much as you would if you were to watch someone fall from 10 feet off the ground and land on the branch of a fairly large tree with his genetalia making first contact. The point is that I sound awful and if anyone hears the recording, I feel I must apologize and assure you that I can actually sing decently when I know what I'm doing.

Another thing I learned this weekend include the fact that I find Ilana's Mom mildly frightening, possibly due to a minor phobia of smaller than average things. There can be several possible reasons for this potential phobia (it hasn't actually been proven to exist within my littered neurons yet), none of which I will get into at the moment. Also, Chris B. (known as a commenter on this blog who goes by Chris 75 000) shall now be known as Dr. Awesome (Oooooh, Yeaaah!) and Chris M. will be known as Stumpy* to avoid confusion in the band.

*It must be noted here that Chris M. had himself chosen this name over the other sugested nickname of surly, which, he claims, is already reserved for the commenter known as Senor Soupe. I had always thought that it was merely a descriptive or a family trait, but apparantly I'm wrong on that one.

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