Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Hello internet. I am still alive after nearly a week of non-posting. I have something worthy of posting now though, actually several but I'll limit myself to one this morning. I have found the illusive weakness of the superbeing that we have come to know as Ilandra (the presence of both Ilana and Andra creates the presence of another being entirely). Don't beleive me? It is not one of the usual weaknesses like the absence of a fully functional left arm or something, but something that I have yet to find in any other superbeings of any kind; that is, navigation. Let me explain.

On Sunday morning, Ilana, Andra and I went to the music store to get Andra a guitar, me a tuner and Ilana some strings. I won't bore you with the details of the selection process, suffice to say that she now has a new guitar and it sounds pretty decent (even if it is a smoker). So, after all business had been conducted, we found it necessary to leave the store so we could return home instead of claiming the boni-soir next door as our new one as had been suggested. I was in the back seat and Ilana had said that she knew how to get home, so I contented myself to daydreaming of recording popular songs on my computer using just my voice and becoming very famous based on the fact of how bad and hilarious they would be. It was an interesting daydream and when I emerged from it many minutes later we were back at the music store. No, we hadn't intended to go back there, we just sort of ended up there. I thought to myself, "Alright, they have eliminated the wrong way. They will surely get us home this time." So, once again, I lapsed into the waking dream world and probably dreamt of some evil force trying to take over the world and the superbeing sitting in front of me saving the world, but I can't really remember, so I could be wrong.

When I emerge for a second time, I found myself on a lonely stretch of highway and no one seemed to know if we were going in the right direction. As it turns out, we weren't. To cut a long story short, we did eventually arrive home about an hour later completely intact with the only casualty being the perfect reputation of Ilandra. I don't hold it against you, not even a little bit. I had some good daydreams and then a vegitarian meal at Ilana's house (which was very good, as usual). Sorry about the bottle, Ilana's Mom.

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