Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Optimus Prime!
Which Colossal Death Robot Are You?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

An interesting conversation I had this afternoon that I thought was document worthy. Now that it has been documented, it seems a bit lacking. Perhaps I forgot some vital bits, but I'm pretty sure it is pretty accurate. No offence was meant, I was clearly joking about the babies.

Me: …Something, something… third wheel.

Mystery Person: I think the expression was originally ‘fifth wheel’.

Me: Fifth wheel? Are you sure? Third wheel sounds much better.

Mystery Person: Yeah, but a fifth wheel is completely useless.

Me: So is a third wheel.

Mystery Person: What about on a tricycle?

Me: Tricycle’s are stupid. Babies use them.

Mystery Person: So, everything babies use are stupid?

Me: Naturally. Babies are stupid.

Mystery Person: Hahaha!

Me: Pretty much everything they do is stupid.

Mystery Person: You're stupid. Eww! Babies do you!

Me: That’s disgusting!

Mystery Person: You’re disgusting.

Me: I wish.

*Maniacal laugher ensues*

Fabulous prizes to the person who guesses the mystery person. The mystery person cannot win. Other restrictions may apply.


Friday, March 18, 2005

I went to a Planet Smashers/Guttermouth/Ghosts of Modern Man concert last night with Ilana and Dr. Awesome. It was really good, especially Ghosts of Modern Man. They had this crazy bassist with dreads similar to Samuel L. Jackson in Caveman's Valentine and at one point during the last song he picked up a beer bottle and started playing his bass with it for a while. It was uber cool. Dr. Awesome bought one of their CD's. The Planet Smashers were pretty good too. They have some really good songs that are way better live, my favorite being Life of the Party. At one point during the last encore, the trumbonist tripped and fell over backwards over the guitarist and lead singers patch cord while he was running backwards across the stage. After playing for 30 seconds more in a confused way, the singer gets everyone to stop, says a few words about why you should loop the cord around the strap (so you can trip anyone of course), puts his guitar back on, and counts in the end of the song. Was an awesome show! Oh yeah!


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Hello internet. I am still alive after nearly a week of non-posting. I have something worthy of posting now though, actually several but I'll limit myself to one this morning. I have found the illusive weakness of the superbeing that we have come to know as Ilandra (the presence of both Ilana and Andra creates the presence of another being entirely). Don't beleive me? It is not one of the usual weaknesses like the absence of a fully functional left arm or something, but something that I have yet to find in any other superbeings of any kind; that is, navigation. Let me explain.

On Sunday morning, Ilana, Andra and I went to the music store to get Andra a guitar, me a tuner and Ilana some strings. I won't bore you with the details of the selection process, suffice to say that she now has a new guitar and it sounds pretty decent (even if it is a smoker). So, after all business had been conducted, we found it necessary to leave the store so we could return home instead of claiming the boni-soir next door as our new one as had been suggested. I was in the back seat and Ilana had said that she knew how to get home, so I contented myself to daydreaming of recording popular songs on my computer using just my voice and becoming very famous based on the fact of how bad and hilarious they would be. It was an interesting daydream and when I emerged from it many minutes later we were back at the music store. No, we hadn't intended to go back there, we just sort of ended up there. I thought to myself, "Alright, they have eliminated the wrong way. They will surely get us home this time." So, once again, I lapsed into the waking dream world and probably dreamt of some evil force trying to take over the world and the superbeing sitting in front of me saving the world, but I can't really remember, so I could be wrong.

When I emerge for a second time, I found myself on a lonely stretch of highway and no one seemed to know if we were going in the right direction. As it turns out, we weren't. To cut a long story short, we did eventually arrive home about an hour later completely intact with the only casualty being the perfect reputation of Ilandra. I don't hold it against you, not even a little bit. I had some good daydreams and then a vegitarian meal at Ilana's house (which was very good, as usual). Sorry about the bottle, Ilana's Mom.


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I had a little discussion about intelectual property today after class with my favorite professor after he was talking about the business ethics of stealing information and then pyrating software. We talked of cultural influences, mostly the Chinese, and I mentioned Adam's theory of why there should be no intelectual property (We are all made in G-d's own image, so any thought we have should belong to him; to claim ownership of any of these would be tantamount to theft/plaigerism/sin). I asked him if that argument would hold up in court at which he simply laughed and said he wasn't entirely sure. What do you think of the argument in general and of its possible legal implications? What do you think of the subject in a society where we are utterly dependant on it?


Sunday, March 06, 2005

I forgot to mention that in one of the recordings that we made on Tuesday of a certain song in which I have some vocal input was great, except for the fact that I only sang on key about half of the time. This is perhaps due to the fact that I was making most of it up as the song went, and that I was experimenting with some falsetto sounding notes that aren't really. I think my voice sounded alright, or at least it would have had I hit notes that were not awkward to the point of wincing, much as you would if you were to watch someone fall from 10 feet off the ground and land on the branch of a fairly large tree with his genetalia making first contact. The point is that I sound awful and if anyone hears the recording, I feel I must apologize and assure you that I can actually sing decently when I know what I'm doing.

Another thing I learned this weekend include the fact that I find Ilana's Mom mildly frightening, possibly due to a minor phobia of smaller than average things. There can be several possible reasons for this potential phobia (it hasn't actually been proven to exist within my littered neurons yet), none of which I will get into at the moment. Also, Chris B. (known as a commenter on this blog who goes by Chris 75 000) shall now be known as Dr. Awesome (Oooooh, Yeaaah!) and Chris M. will be known as Stumpy* to avoid confusion in the band.

*It must be noted here that Chris M. had himself chosen this name over the other sugested nickname of surly, which, he claims, is already reserved for the commenter known as Senor Soupe. I had always thought that it was merely a descriptive or a family trait, but apparantly I'm wrong on that one.


Saturday, March 05, 2005

Just got back from the recording studio in Montreal. It was a fun weekend and we got one song done and recorded properly. We went up on Friday evening and decided to get started early on it. We recorded the drum track (which eventually had to be redone because it was wrong), the bass track (mine, this one only took about 20 minutes and 2 takes) some of the guitar tracks (there ended up being 3 or 4 in the end) and Mekashef's 2 voice parts that night before going to bed. This morning we laid down the rest of the guitar, the violin (for which there was much trouble and agonizing over but eventually turned out pretty good, I think) and the second voice. A piano bit was debated but discarded because it interfered with the second violin bit. I can't wait to hear the final mixed and mastered version.

I am a bit sick with some form of mutant cold/cough/infection that either Ilana or Oliver or both gave to me. It is making my hearing sound muffled. For the first two days I was smelling vomit all the time even though there was clearly none around to be whiffed. Consequently, I didn't sleep well, and had locked myself off in a separate room so as to protect the others from the potential contagion and the unavoidable noise with which I was bound to cause. Meds helped. A lot.

A new technique of playing the theramine was concieved of but will not mentioned in this blog because as Ilana's Mom so kindly put it, "I thought this was a family blog!"


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I'm going on the radio tonight along with Chris on his program Bazooka Radio which airs at 8:00 tonight. Tune in here or on 88.9 FM if you are in the area. Off to the schvitz. Stay classy, internet.


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I went to a Moroccan resaurant today called La Baladi with Kevin and Mekashef. It was very cool. You get a massive and overflowing plate full of food such as lamb, chicken, salad, humus, rice and gus-gus with a tea and soup for only $7.88 CAD. At the table next to us were a bunch of government types that Mekashef said he knew from his party days.

This evening we were recorded again in the practice room and the results were much better than on Sunday, mostly because my fingers hadn't died on me this time around and because we had a bass. I can't wait to hear the recordings. On Friday evening to Saturday we are going to a real recording studio to do some pro recording. I am very anxious.


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