Saturday, February 12, 2005

Now that the previous post of self praise has worn off at least in a minor way, I will again post something that could be perceived as meaningful, most likely if you are not as perceptive as the average falling anvil. I just wanted to include something about a falling anvil. Forgiven? No? Bollocks.

I'm listening to a CD of Raggmopp called Please Reproduce This Album In Any Form that Chris lent to me. They are really cool, very different like everything he listens to. The CD cover consists of a crudely drawn person who I think looks like your typical computer software engineer (that is nothing extraordinarily special) replete with square plastic glasses and pens sticking out of his breast pocket on the plastic of the jewel case. This otherwise ordinary man is quite distinctively not so for 2 things that I neglected to mention in my description. That is in his left hand (not mine) he holds a bloodied axe and has a red spattered person. In the background there is a large sack with a head, arm and a leg protruding from the opening in the top sitting in a pool of what I can only assume was intended to be blood. The music isn't what you'd think of when you see this however. The song I listen to now has the lyrics consisting as far as I can tell of this, "Donkey, donkey, donkey, donkey" (which is hardly surprising considering that is the title of the song) with the music just playing some scalular riffs. Interesting indeed. Thanks again to Chris for the lend.

Chris also lent me The Salmon of Doubt by my favourite author of all time and space Douglas Adams. This fact probably explains the previous paragraph.

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