Sunday, February 06, 2005

Friday was fun. I went to La Resto Mexican with Chris, The Almighty Conga Man, Mekashef, Mike, Emily, Josephine and Ilana. The food was great, and I talked to a mexican friend of mine named Esteban and he says that it is really quite authentic. Yesterday I went to Ilana's Mom's concert and enjoyed myself. I really liked the piece called The Notebook of Love Songs and I'm not just saying that because it was composed by Ilana's Dad. I loved his gratuitous use of harmonics. So much emotion in it; it was wonderful.

Today I was regailed with stories from an old man's army days. They were great! Almost makes me want to join the army. Almost. He told me stories of all the times he had accidentaly lit his pants on fire, and burned holes through his shirt, and then of his first shore leave... Anyways, gotta love an old man wearing a fedora with a rememberance day poppy still in it smoking a pipe and telling you interesting and funny stories of days gone by.

I like Sundays. Today is special. You can ask me any question in the comments and I will reply in 5 words with 100% honesty. This offer expires at 5:45 this evening. Good day.

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