Friday, January 21, 2005

Last night I watched a Bruce Lee movie. I'd never seen a Bruce Lee movie before. I love Bruce Lee. I think I'm just going to keep saying Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee Bruce Lee Bruce Lee! I'm done.

It is uber cold outside. This time I mean it. It is mustache-frozen-after-20-feet
with-big-chunks-of-ice-in-it weather. Legs-numb-halfway-to-town weather. Didn't-even-notice-the-creepy-graveyard-full-of-now-frozen-zombies weather. In short, it is really, really cold out side. Last night while walking home, which I realize I didn't have to do, I had to make a stop at Esso to thaw out for a bit. It didn't even take me that long, the walk, I mean; only about 45 minutes including thaw break. I didn't even freeze my lungs as some were worried would happen because of my habit of running whenever the slope is downward. I like that habit. It is a good one.

I have many worse habits, like making fun of vegitarians and the French. Sorry, to all those offended. Especially Mekashef as he is both. Speaking of Mekashef, he lend me a really cool book called Stardust by Neil Gaiman which I'm really enjoying. Hmm, that sounds like a good idea right now.

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