Sunday, January 02, 2005

Hi everybody! Rather than tell endless stories about my fabulous holidays, I choose to let you come up with some good ones for yourself. Here's one tip for you though: Don't fight with cheap swords. Especially ones that aren't yours. That is a bad plan.

I'm back to filming basketball games; another in a few minutes actually. A tournament is going on and so far Bishop's is predictably throwing away games in the last minute. I hate basketball. I'm also going to start geekin' it up by playing D&D soon. Playing with a bunch of actors should be quite fun indeed.

I played bass in public for the first time today with the band at my parent's church. A friend called me up and asked me to. It sounded like fun so I went. I learned all the songs this morning at their 'practice' and had much fun playing. No one seemed to notice or mind the many mistakes I made.

Songs of the day: Lateralus by Tool and Boys Better by The Dandy Warhols

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