Monday, January 10, 2005

The funniest thing happened after practice today. Mekashef and I were standing outside, just minding out own business, talking about pagodas etc. when Miguel opens the back door to Bandeen, stands next to the railing and looks off into middle distance away from us towards what appeared to be some buildings. After about thirty seconds of this, without so much as a movement, Mekashef spoke up.

"Are you looking for someone or something?"

"...My car ... I can't remember where I parked it..." his voice trails off.

After a pause, "Well, I hope you find it."

Almost imediately this was said after Miguel abrubtly turns around and disappears inside. I burst out laughing at the absurdity of this guy and his peculiar actions. Mekashef says something about all that music going to his head. I had barely stopped giggling like a pre-pubescent monkey when he bursts (for that is really the only word for it) the doors and exclaims on the way down the stairs that he has remembered. He seems genuinely proud of himself. What an odd character. Great guitarist though.

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