Monday, January 17, 2005

1) My school had a fundraiser for the tsunami relief fund by watching a surfing movie and going to the bar. Anyone else find this a little odd?

2) I watched Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle twice today and I found it funny both times.

3) The Bulgarian national anthem (or at least the version I know) is hilarious and awesome to sing.

4) I have been having trouble remembering conversations lately. Now think I may be mixing up the dream world with the real one (since I have started remembering at least some of my dreams). The most recent incident (it isn't really an incident) involves me not recalling whether it was conversation or dream when several very good and persuasive arguments were made to the effect that the French (as in those from France) should be made fun of forever. I don't recall the reasons either, except for the fact that they were very good ones. I think this shows all the signs of being a dream personally.

5) Band practice was very productive today. We wrote 2 new songs. I play bass for both of them! Hurrah! I love playing bass. I like it more than guitar. Uh oh, secret's out.

Let the debating begin.

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