Friday, December 03, 2004

Snow is here and it looks like to stay. It is hard not to appreciate it in some ways though because it just looks so beautiful. (I'll try to post some cool winter pics whenever I get around to taking them.) On the other hand, it is hard to bike on slushy roads and with snow banks on the sides of them, especially late at night with the tired eyes. Of course, now the people clad in black walking on the side of the road stand out a whole lot better.

Is that a homeless man on stage? Long grey hair, scraggly beard, red plaid scarf ... Jazz musician! It is a homeless guy! I bet that mass of white fabric on the window sill contains all his worldly possessions. I'm going to give him half a sandwich after the show for that last solo. He's pretty good for a homeless guy, well, I guess he doesn't have much else to do during the day, he might as well be good at guitar. I wonder how they got him on stage. It isn't as if he has an address. They probably just went to his 'space' behind Provigo and asked him to play, you know, offered him half a sandwich and a mickey or something.

Last night, after the Jazz concert, I went back to R's place and we played gin rummy, and then introduced J to Strong Bad. I/M came home and started drunk rambling and started sharing his wisdom and telling stories, which were quite interesting and insightful. Then I went home, crashing only into one snow bank, and that really wasn't a snow bank but more like snow in large clumps on the road.

Choir concert is tonight. I think it will be a great show, a marvellous spectacle and a must see for anyone who enjoys choir and/or African drums. There will be lots of drums with as many as 4 drummers doing their thing at any given time. I encourage anyone who is willing and able to come see it at Bandeen Hall tonight or tomorrow night at eight. Come say hi afterwards after, even and especially if you think it was hideous and awful. If nothing else, you will get to see me in a sexy black shirt (I bought it specially for the occasion since I had previously owned not a single article of black clothing other than dress socks and pants, which don't quite do the trick for the torso area) and with a trimmed goatee. I think I am the only one in the choir with a goatee. Am I wrong?

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