Tuesday, December 07, 2004

An email conversation I just had with an unknown person who mistakenly sent me an invitation to accept a wire transfer transfer for $1000:

Me: "Wrong address, sorry. I'll take the money if you wish though. -Sam"
Unknown Lady: "sorry about the error one letter made the difference...will conctact the bank tomorrow...."
Me: "So I don't get $1000? How dissapointing. -Sam "
UL: "well may be if i win the lotto i willhave you in my mind..."
Me: "Awww, how kind. You must be very pretty. -Sam"
UL: "too hold and to big for you but how fun it is to chat like that....le destin....."
And so it continued.

I think that third comment of mine is probably one of the most confusing and nonsensical things you can possibly say to someone, which is one of the reasons I said it, along with the fact that I think it is hilarious. Kevin is great at coming up with things like that, as he came up with that one. Apparently he says it to people on the phone at work (he is a service agent with regards to hooking up satelite TV or somesuch). Also, what is with people not using capital letters anymore? Can anyone tell me what her last comment means?

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