Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Christmas was a happy one. Real posting will resume after the new year, or before, depending on available free time and willingness to use it on blogging.


Saturday, December 25, 2004

Velveta is technology's triumph over taste.

A man gets up, walks to the front of the church. He sits down and says, "I've got a story for you about fireworks ... well, not so much about fireworks as about Napoleon ... well, not so much about Napoleon as about Jesus." Hehehe, somehow he managed to make it about all three though not a very coherent one. That may be because I wasn't really paying attention. Merry Christmas everyone, except Ilana and her mom. Happy Brumalia to them.


Friday, December 24, 2004

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The requested, as far as I can tell, sun through the clouds photo.

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The path surrounded by the creaking forest of a post long past.


Thursday, December 23, 2004

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Mist on the river.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
An interesting tree on campus.

Happy Festivus!!!!

Festivus day activities:
-Watch The Terminal to prove that it isn't a chick flick. A bet was made, it must be watched.
-Convince the Almighty Conga Man that it is a good idea to grace us with his presence at tonight's Doppelganger Effekt Christmas/Festivus Special.
-Go myself to above mentioned special.
-Get sword.
-Have a good time.

I love the Holidays.

I watched Shaun of the Dead last night with Senior Soup and Ryan. I thought it was hilarious, especially for a zombie movie. I was surprised when everyone started talking with British accents for some reason.

"Do the American thing and throw it out." - Senior Soup's Dad, one of the most opinonated people I have met.


Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Yesterday was cold. Really cold. I mean, my mustache was frozen to my face after 2 minutes out of the house cold. I believe it was in between minus 20 and minus 30 all day on the celcius scale. That didn't stop me from doing anything or going anywhere though. In the afternoon I walked to town (about 25 minutes) and went to Ryan's to help him take some pictures, which came out pretty good as far as I could tell. These pictures were taken outside. After about a half an hour walk, all of our limbs were numb, those of us who have facial hair had it frozen to their respective faces with ice chunks in it, and the memory card was full. We went back to Ryan's and unthawed by watching the end of a golf movie (how exciting!) dubbed in French (even better!) with Karl (Woohoo!). We got some pics of the mist on the river, some of which I may post here if I can get the files sent to me. I got a ride home from the generous Ilana's mom, which probably saved me from certain death by turning into an ice cube. Hurrah for Ilana's mom!

I learned London Falling by The Clash on the bass yesterday. It is quite a fun bass riff.

Doppelganger Effekt Christmas Special on Thursday at Ilana's. If you don't know where that is, just use Zen Navigation (find a car that looks like it knows where it is going and follow it) and you'll be fine. The results are more often surprising than successful, but it is worth it for the sake of the few occasions when it is both.


Friday, December 17, 2004

Why do I even bother doing things like this?

S is for Saucy
A is for Amorous
M is for Musical
U is for Unusual
E is for Elegant
L is for Loving


Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I am a huge fan of martial arts. I can't do them, but I do like to watch them, especially in movies. I am a huge fan of Samurai movies, and throwing knives are something I have worked on a little bit myself. With this in mind, I can't wait for this movie to come out. I loved Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero, both of which this movie is compared to in the review, and this one is supposedly better.

On another note, I took a great picture today, and then had a very interesting debate about the validity of photography with Adam. A very interesting man, he is, with very different opinons on a great many things.

Here is this evenings sunset for your enjoyment.

This was my backyard earlier this week after the big snowfall.

I hope the photo post actually worked.

Song of the day/week/random other time period:
Lateralus by Tool


Friday, December 10, 2004

I saw a guy walking down the street puffing on a pipe today, one of those that you would typically associate with an elderly man playing bridge or an aged Oxford professor, well, at least I would. It isn't often you see that. This pipe had a metal end. I hope he doesn't continue with that habit when it gets really cold or it may just become a semi- permanent attatchment to his face. Interesting thought.

I started reading The Tsaddik of the Seven Wonders today. Great book so far, a bit confusing, but such was to be expected since Mekashef (or Ex Nihilo or whatever he is calling himself now) lent it to me.

Quote of the day: "You are obviously a piece of undigested cheese." It's a great book.


Thursday, December 09, 2004

I had my History of Modern Art to 1950 final exam this afternoon. Well, I guess I had half of it since the teacher decided to be nice and give half of it as a take home section. I think I have some classmates with very poor critical thinking skills; the teacher made a typo and wrote "answer the two following questions" instead of "answer the following question" so some people wrote two essays even though there was clearly only one question. Anyways, that wasn't his only error, he proclaimed in the last class that the exam was at 1 when on all of the timetables, including the one online, it was said to be at 2. Consequently, those who were there at 1 started then and people kept trickling in afterwards until as late as 10 past 2. I was done and gone ten minutes later, so there could have been others later than that. I found it quite easy and am very happy I took that course, not only because it was easy, but also because it was very interesting and I learned a lot about modern art and to appreciate it.

On my way home, I saw a man standing against a factory building with a plastic bag in his hand filled with what I have no clue. He looked a bit nervous, though seemed quite patient. Usually the people who walk in and out this door are dressed in blue jumpsuits (I walk past this building all the time and must have biked past it at least twice a day during the months when I could do that sort of thing), but this man was wearing typical clothing, perhaps a little shabby, but nothing out of the ordinary. As I was about to cross the road, a woman came out the door and the man slipped inside. Is it just me, or does that seem really shifty to you? I probably watch too many police dramas. If I hear of sabotage or if the building gets set on fire, then I'll sell my story to The Campus or something.

Another thing I noticed on the way home was the number of people who have mustaches that look something like this. When did this become the style and why would anyone willingly want to look like that? It is absolutely hideous in my opinon, not that I have anything against James Taylor, or even know who he is for that matter. What is your opinion?

This is a great idea. Has anyone ever been to one? Those marketers are brilliant.


Tuesday, December 07, 2004

An email conversation I just had with an unknown person who mistakenly sent me an invitation to accept a wire transfer transfer for $1000:

Me: "Wrong address, sorry. I'll take the money if you wish though. -Sam"
Unknown Lady: "sorry about the error one letter made the difference...will conctact the bank tomorrow...."
Me: "So I don't get $1000? How dissapointing. -Sam "
UL: "well may be if i win the lotto i willhave you in my mind..."
Me: "Awww, how kind. You must be very pretty. -Sam"
UL: "too hold and to big for you but how fun it is to chat like that....le destin....."
And so it continued.

I think that third comment of mine is probably one of the most confusing and nonsensical things you can possibly say to someone, which is one of the reasons I said it, along with the fact that I think it is hilarious. Kevin is great at coming up with things like that, as he came up with that one. Apparently he says it to people on the phone at work (he is a service agent with regards to hooking up satelite TV or somesuch). Also, what is with people not using capital letters anymore? Can anyone tell me what her last comment means?


Saturday, December 04, 2004

The choir concert went quite well yesterday. It was a packed house and we sang quite possibly the best we have ever done so. During the standing ovation this conversation was had:

Me: *stating the obvious as usual* I think they liked us.
Guy Standing Next To Me: Us? That applause is all for me you know, well, ok, for us.
Me: Of course, because they could hear us the whole time over the other 83 people in the choir.
GSNTM: Oh yeah, we stole the show.
Me: Go us!

I was told by my parents that the encore was the best peice of the three that we sang. Personally I preferred the first. Anyways, if you didn't come to the show yesterday, you should definitely come tonight at 8 in Bandeen Hall.


Friday, December 03, 2004

Snow is here and it looks like to stay. It is hard not to appreciate it in some ways though because it just looks so beautiful. (I'll try to post some cool winter pics whenever I get around to taking them.) On the other hand, it is hard to bike on slushy roads and with snow banks on the sides of them, especially late at night with the tired eyes. Of course, now the people clad in black walking on the side of the road stand out a whole lot better.

Is that a homeless man on stage? Long grey hair, scraggly beard, red plaid scarf ... Jazz musician! It is a homeless guy! I bet that mass of white fabric on the window sill contains all his worldly possessions. I'm going to give him half a sandwich after the show for that last solo. He's pretty good for a homeless guy, well, I guess he doesn't have much else to do during the day, he might as well be good at guitar. I wonder how they got him on stage. It isn't as if he has an address. They probably just went to his 'space' behind Provigo and asked him to play, you know, offered him half a sandwich and a mickey or something.

Last night, after the Jazz concert, I went back to R's place and we played gin rummy, and then introduced J to Strong Bad. I/M came home and started drunk rambling and started sharing his wisdom and telling stories, which were quite interesting and insightful. Then I went home, crashing only into one snow bank, and that really wasn't a snow bank but more like snow in large clumps on the road.

Choir concert is tonight. I think it will be a great show, a marvellous spectacle and a must see for anyone who enjoys choir and/or African drums. There will be lots of drums with as many as 4 drummers doing their thing at any given time. I encourage anyone who is willing and able to come see it at Bandeen Hall tonight or tomorrow night at eight. Come say hi afterwards after, even and especially if you think it was hideous and awful. If nothing else, you will get to see me in a sexy black shirt (I bought it specially for the occasion since I had previously owned not a single article of black clothing other than dress socks and pants, which don't quite do the trick for the torso area) and with a trimmed goatee. I think I am the only one in the choir with a goatee. Am I wrong?


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