Saturday, November 06, 2004

Things learned from tonight:

-Skunks have the funniest way of reacting to danger, exposing their sensitive quarters (yes this happened to me on the way home, but luckily I didn't get sprayed. I would have been quite put off had I gotten sprayed).
-Biking past graveyards at high speeds during the wee hours of the night is very creepy because all the shiny headstones reflect the street lamps for a brief instance making me thing that there are actually rapists among the headstones.
-There are a lot of really great photographic opportunities at night. If only I knew how to take advantage of that fact...
-Strong Bad pumpkins are awesome
-Watching The National and drinking beer is the Canadian thing to do
-Superpowers only work when you think about them
-The bike I now ride is inherently evil
-Recording songs is fun
-I only know about 4, at least I could only think of 4 at the time, synonyms for scary. I'm sure there are many, many more.
-Clouds are awesome
-Something about Pegasus emerging from the neck of the recently decapitated Medusa
-Orion nebula is cool
-I want to look at stuff through a telescope in the hopes that they will appear better
-Poker on TV is fun to watch, especially with someone who you play poker with yourself
-My webcam no longer works
-You can forgive someone money

Thats all for now, there are many more things that were learned, but I have decided that I won't write any more down for the simple reason that a) I'm tired, b) Ilana's Mom will already have a field day pointing out all of my spelling errors up to this point, and c) it is becoming increasingly difficult to formulate sentences and to type because of a).

Summary in seven words: I learned a lot tonight. Did you?

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