Sunday, November 14, 2004

Just got back from Cabaret, the music department's open mike Halloween party (I think) where my band played its songs (well, two of them) for the first time in front of an audience. There were a few people bobbing their heads and "movin' with the groovin'" near the front, but apparently little but the drums were heard, which is a shame since I thought I played rather well and what I heard of the others sounded good also. I was told we had an interesting and unique sound, which could go either way in terms of what he intended. The singer from The Stairway Movement complimented me on our set, but Ex Nihilo thinks he is just being polite because he is a very nice guy, which he is. I also got requests for other songs as soon as we were done, which I guess is a good sign. Anyways, we'll hopefully fix the problems for next time around. I had fun. The Almighty Conga Man (who was, somewhat ironically, dressed up as an almighty conga man, with the DE insignia written on his face and everything) and Nancy (who wasn't dressed at all, save for ordinary garments of course) played 2 songs very well (at least that was my opinion), and I found out that she has a really nice voice. I love how the Spanish accent comes into play when she sings. One guy also played the drums with a pencil since no drumsticks were to be found (our drummer had left by this point).

Unfortunately there weren't as many costume clad people as I thought there would be. I went as Random Thug #1 Who Gets Beat Up By Batman and was mildly disappointed when no one came as Batman. Ilana went as Kazoo Girl and played the Kazoo (who would have guessed) in a humorous way throughout the night. Ilana's mom went as a Semi-hemi didactic tri-tone super woman (I'm making that up if it wasn't clear enough; suffice to say I don't remember her proper title) and had a cape and everything. The Almighty Conga Man went as himself and was surprisingly good at it. Ex Nihilo went as the Mad Hatter, came almost unrecognizably dressed in all black with a cape and top hat. Jonah was a Russian Experimental Underwater Solder and wore a trench coat, a Russian style flapped hat and swimming goggles which made me laugh every time I saw him. My friend Chris from choir was Super Grandpa and had striped pants, a plaid old man's hat (I assume he bought it, but I don't think stores sell that kind of thing, so he must have stolen it from a homeless guy) and a towel around his neck as a cape, which apparently makes him 'super'. There were, of course, several other people there dressed as things, some others with towels, but none of whom I knew or knew and/or liked enough to mention.

Summary in seven words: I don't think I'll do one tonight.

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