Friday, November 05, 2004

I've not much to talk about today, or for the last few days as you have probably noticed. This is partially due to tests and my last midterm. It was in History of Modern Art to 1950, which is probably my favorite class. The exam was one essay question about Kasmir Malevich's painting called Black Square. I found it quite easy, which is good because I found that the last one was really hard, and wrote a solid six and a half pages on it. The painting is much more complex than it looks. I got to write it in the library instead of the classroom because it was really cramped in the classroom last exam and the prof wanted us to feel comfortable when we wrote, so he allowed some of us to part the classroom. I like this teacher even if he pronounces things wrong (its ok because he does it in a funny way).

We, by that I mean we as in the band, will be recording some of our tunes at tonights practice. Should be good. Sam's writing deteriorating....

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