Tuesday, November 02, 2004

It finally happened. I got beat up by a girl. Well, not so much beat up as punched many times, and not so much by any girl as by Ilana. You know she is a Karate master, or at least she takes Karate and feels the need to demonstrate on me. Not hard, and it isn't painful, actually quite fun, except for the headbutt to the face manouver which kind of hurt and made me bleed for a while. The way it started was actually very amusing because she just appeared out of nowhere (well not so much nowhere as the other side of the practice room) and said, "Oh yeah, I have to beat you up!" and it began. Made more amusing because I am a foot taller than she and of a slightly more muscular build. I think it is that difference that made it fun. If she had randomly decided to attack D (the drummer who is only about 2 inches taller than Ilana and also female) I don't think either of them would have had so much fun. I know I am rambling on about something that really doesn't deserve it, but thats alright because it is my blog.

Song of the day/week: Ululate Plurate by Doppelganger Effekt

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