Monday, November 01, 2004

Halloween was fun. I dressed up as Gangster Number One from The Blackwell Conspiracy and went to a costume party. The Blackwell Conspiracy was a movie I was in this spring, playing Gangster Number One, so my costume was a bit of a joke for those involved. Unfortunately, the directors are both overseas at the moment, trying their hardest to get themselves into a country that has already kicked them out once for assuming the very thing they are trying to get in to do. They never had very good luck with the authorities, those two. They both have blogs documenting their European adventures that I will link sometime in the not too distant future. Anyways, a fun Halloween it was. I shot a Jedi fight scene between J and G that was really cool. J was dressed as Darth Maul and G was as a Jedi and they had choreographed quite the battle which was then acted out in the intersection (small town) and then in a parking lot after the cops told us to leave (I mean they weren't even using real lightsabres!?!) with me behind the camera. After they had gotten it quite well on camera, I passed off the camera to Ilana and grabbed a lightsabre. G and I then had a battle of epic proportions, me as the uber cool looking gangster (cigar, fedora et al) and he as the defender of the galaxy with two sabres (sticks) to my one. Apparently it looked really cool on film. I haven't seen it yet, but I will try to get it on the band's website when I get it if it is as nice as they say. Perhaps even colour in the sticks so they look like lightsabres, but that seems like a lot of work which I have no clue how to do. How was your Halloween?

Summary in seven words: Ever see a gangster with a lightsabre?

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