Thursday, November 25, 2004

Doppelganger Effekt played its first show last night. I think it went pretty well aside from a few things. I was happy after the performance which is at least to me a good sign. There seemed to be many posative comments flaoting around, but no one ever tells the performers what they really think, unless they are very special people and unless their reaction was all posative. I did get lots of what I would consider good feedback from various people/friends who saw the show. It is always fun to hear the comments that the drunk people make like the following: "If you guys ... if you guys did that [the suggestion I won't post] and got your timing perfect, then you could become uber popular in ... in the whole country and in Sherbrooke, better than the Stairway Movement ... You guys could go on Letterman!" I laughed for some time at that one. I also talked to a very nice Japanese person by the name of Kyra? who didn't know I was in the band because she wasn't watching the stage, but thought the music was quite good and really liked the violin. That one's for you Ilana. Another funny thing that happened was all the heckling between songs. The in-my-pants jokes, calls for Ex Nihilo to take off his pants, 3 girls wanted me to sign their boobs (I'm hoping they were joking and won't approach me on the street sometime in the near future with a marker), generally made for a fun atmosphere to play in, and it helped that I knew almost everyone who was actually watching us play. The Lion paid us with a case of Moosehead beer even though we asked for nothing because it was our first time. How nice of them. Jonah's mom refused to drink it because it had a picture of a moose on it.

Summary in seven words: Thanks to everyone who came. Letterman? No?

Hey Sam,
it was a good show yesterday. The Japanese girl you talked to is Kaya. ^_^" keep up the good work and seeya later!
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