Friday, November 26, 2004

A conversation I just had a with a telemarketer who interupted my flow, just as I had stopped procrastinating.

Telemarketer: "...It will protect your credit rating"
Me: "How?"
T: "By having your account open"
Me: "It is open now, so how does your program change anything?"
T: "it improves your credit rating if you carry a balance"
Me: "I don't even use the card, have never done so. I don't carry a balance."
T: "It improves your credit rating..."

He must have said that at least three more times during the next thirty seconds I gave him to start making sense and to stop mumbling. Another notable quote when I asked if I would have to pay anything for it: "It doesn't cost anything but you have to pay only $0.99 per month if you use it." If you are going to argue, at least try to make sense when you do it. I used to get in trouble for telling customers the truth as a telemarketer. Why can't there be more telemarketers like me out there? Unemployed. Did I say that?

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