Wednesday, November 10, 2004

About last post, the word 'wanker' is so strikingly funny that I thought it deserved to be all alone in its own post. If you disagree, tell me why in the comments.

I aquired Bjork's new album Medula the other day from the internet, partially because it is legal for me to do so here, but mostly because I can't afford to buy the album. This is so far my favorite album of the year. I can't get enough of her near ethereal sound on this album. She uses some choir and that guy known as the "human beat box" (I can't remember his name, something odd with 2 K's in it) on one song. I think it is in a category all its own, the album that is. It isn't like most of Bjork's other stuff, I find at least though I am not as aquainted with her works as some (Ex Nihilo) are yet. I would highly recomend this album, though I would also admit that many would not enjoy it for reasons that many do not like music that doesn't fit the mould of standard music.

Speaking of music of this sort, there is an electronic music concert this Friday that I am very eager to go to. Also, I will be playing at Cabaret this Saturday with my band Doppelganger Effekt. This will be a busy weekend.

Songs of the week: Oceana, The Pleasure is All Mine, and Where is the Line by Bjork

Summary in seven words: Bjork is not actually a Human Being.

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