Saturday, October 02, 2004

Yesterday I played my new bass until my fingers hurt, which is longer that you'd think. I love my new guitar; it looks good, it sounds good (at least to my ears) and it plays nicely (again, at least to my virgin fingers). Then I went to band practice where we had two new people: Stephanie and a really good guitarist that I can't quite recall the name of. I really liked Stephanie's input as she seems to have a lot of good ideas, but the other guy pretty much just sat there and played the whole time, quite well, not all worked with what we were playing (in fact most I would say, but perhaps I'm being a bit harsh) with some very interesting stuff, but it leads me to believe that he can't work well in a group. We'll see what happens.

After practice I headed off to watch Night B of the Newplays, which were quite good. In the first play, the lead actress had come down with Salmonella and had to be replaced 6 hours before showtime by one of the directors. She acted quite well. The script she carried throughout the show wasn't even much of a hinderance. The second play was my favorite: Hunchback Scholars May Yet Change The World. It was very well acted and hilariously funny in an intelligent and entirely un-Bishops way. Only about 10 people in the audience seemed to catch most of the jokes, which is sad because they were really great.

After the plays I went to the Lion to see Stairway Movement (yes, again) with Nwar, Ilana and Jonah. The sound in the Lion is poor at best, so everything sounded decent at best. The warm up band was alright, playing one really good song that got me all excited for the rest of the show so that it didn't matter that the sound was so bad. At one point during the warm up bands performance, a friend came up to our table to say hello from across the room. We exchanged comments about the band and the next to come, the usual stuff. When she had left, I turned back to my friends and they were attempting to play three way patti-cake! I laughed at them for a full minute before they gave up and started looking at me funny for laughing at them. The Stairway Movement only actually started playing at about 12:30 (annoying because the poster said 10). I had to leave at about one because the smoke was doing something to my throat and lungs so that I couldn't breathe. Today I have an uber sore throat and a moustache that smells of stale smoke (the worst part about going to a smoky place).

Summary in seven words: A night in the life of Sam.

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