Friday, October 15, 2004

Yesterday after choir, I went to the student lounge and talked with Adam, a gentleman I haven't seen it a while who is always interesting to talk to. Jonah and Ilana were also there, and Etienne for a short while. After Ilana went to class, the three remaining went to supper at on of the Greek restaurants. I had a poutine and pizza; it quite good as always. We then decided it was a good idea to go swimming (acutually we had decided it was a good idea earlier but we only acted on that idea at this point), so off we went. Jonah is very entertaining when attempting to use the diving board because he has about as much grace as a sperm whale who had just been transformed to its now present form from a nuclear missile by the activation of an unprotected imporbability drive falling to the surface of a dead planet from several kilometers above its surface. Suffice to say, he has little in the way of grace when using the device and, similar to the above situation, is also quite funny to imagine/watch. Its ok though because he is a very funny guy and fun to hang around.

After we had bored outselves of the pool, we went off to the sauna. I can't say enough good things about the sauna. It was wonderfully hot and steamy and there were no old, naked men sitting in it while I was there. Jonah couldn't stand it, was tired, and so left halfway through to go sleep, at which point we decided to make it really hot in there and quite succeeded, mostly by splashing cold water on the heat sensor and pouring a lot of water on the coals. It was great, though I think Jonah would have died had he stayed.

Summary in seven words: Eating, swimming and saunaing makes good evening.

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