Sunday, October 10, 2004

That guy likes his baton too much. He even had a book on the table about how to wave it correctly. Then there was the whiteboard. Interesting dynamic with the trilingual approach though. The classical guitar ensemble I attended today was very interesting in many ways, and completely horrible in others. I now realize that I am not nearly perfectionist enough to ever be good at the guitar, or at least not the classical playing style of it. I was the only one not playing with the guitar tilted upwards and who didn't have a footstool or a nailfile and/or sandpaper. Also that my fingers are too big, but that I knew already, for typical fingering (the girls playing the melody with actually started to adopt my technique and I'm not sure that is a good thing). I have some added appreciation for composers and musical scores, I just wish even more that I could read them. I still managed to learn most of the piece by looking at other people, and would have learned the whole thing if people weren't so scared of the leader so as not to want to show me the bits I needed to know. I also realize that my guitar looks quite shabby compared to all the other ones there. We spent 3 hours working on 18 bars of music, which most of the people already knew at least somewhat. With 7 guitars, it is hard (one person was missing) to get the timing of the piece right, even with a baton. It was a very long afternoon, but not one which I regret. I am glad I had the experience, playing with a bunch of guitarists that are all much better than I, though I was able to play Asturias much better than one of the guys there. Go me! Unfortunately, or otherwise, I haven't really decided yet, I have scheduling conflicts with the choir, so I can't continue with this ensemble. Very cool people in the ensemble, all went for a much needed (in my opinion) beer after the meeting, but I couldn't go because I had people waiting for me at home who were very happy to see me when I walked in the door (that is after the initial bombardment of questions like "What is her name? I know thats what it was because you said you would only be gone for 2 hours and that was over three hours ago!" No, that was not my mother asking the questions, but a friend of the family's who's daughter has the best laugh ever.). We ordered pizza (Quebecois of course) for Thanksgiving dinner (they were supposed to stay the night and eat turkey the next day but they had family members ill at home in Montreal that they wanted to get back to). Live long and prosper.

Summary in seven words: Classical guitar is more complicated than thought.

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