Sunday, October 24, 2004

Quote of the weekend: While playing Monopoly (I won, does that make me a good businessman?) and simultaneously watching Scarface, Adam out of the blue says, "Someday I want to eat a bar of Ivory soap." No, there was no context to that, no reason it was said, except, apparently, that that was one of his goals in life. I can't help wondering if he will actually do it. This is the same guy who is intolerant of the number 5 whenever possible and when playing Monopoly he won't accept any $5 or $50 bills ($500 yes but only because otherwise we would run out of $100s; he is not without consideration) so we make him be the banker, which is sort of ironic since he practices the Jewish faith (I know stereotypes are nearly always quite wrong, but they are interesting sometimes).

Tomorrow an exam in Consumer Behaviour. I will try not to get stressed about it. Band practice in the evening with swimming afterwards, which will I think become a regular thing. Keumerz will probably attend the practice, which is good because then we have someone to bounce ideas off of who is not biased by actually being the one playing the music.

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