Wednesday, October 20, 2004

My midterm (for those of you who didn't know, that little outburst yesterday was in reference to one I had today) went well as far as I can tell, that is, I found the questions a bit challenging but answerable with what I will for the moment will assume are the correct answers. With that in mind, I am sure to receive 100% on this next exam. Before the test I was sitting on the couch in the business building with some friends, talking about random things (mostly coffee, beds and hangovers) and the conversation stumbled onto an annoying person of the female variety who asks many questions, most of which sort of make sense, but not really. **Aside: As I type this I am reminded of the old saying, "There are no stupid questions, just stupid people who feel compelled to ask questions." I don't know where it is from, and I'm quite sure it doesn't apply as she doesn't seem to be unintelligent, but she did rather annoy these people and apparently a lot of others with her questions, though not myself for reasons unknown.** He then went on to insult her appearance, which I found a bit distasteful, and then said something that put me into a giddy mood (I would say giggly, but I'm told that it isn't a word and that giddy is the closest in meaning to what I want to say; I must say I am rather disappointed), which was good. He said that "Ugly women shouldn't be allowed to speak". I found this so absurd that I started to laugh maniacally even though it was plain that he was serious, also quite disturbing. The statement does raise some interesting points about our society though and how some things never change. This person was/is in the Canadian Armed Forces, who have a history of prejudice against women. I don't know what, if anything, this has to do with his views, but I do know that the history of the Army has not been favourable to women, even in recent years. I remember a scandal several years ago in the local branch of the Army where they were projecting pornographic movies onto a Canadian flag. I am sure this guy wasn't in the Army at the time, but I think his statement (and I am quite sure he was serious and he said it in a heated manner as if he truly believed it and didn't even smile when I burst into laughter) shows that the culture there has not changed all that much and that there are still many people very prejudiced out there. Then there are people like me who jump to conclusions that shouldn't be jumped to over a one time statement and a simple fact. I realize my arguments are jumpy and generally weak, but I would like your opinions on the issue, especially since I believe I have a predominately female readership.
Thank you for reading my ramblings
On a more positive note, there is choir tomorrow. I really enjoy choir. I find the pieces difficult enough to keep my interest for long periods of time, which is good, and I like the people I am in the choir with. I also like the positive change in the quality of my singing I am hearing because of being in the choir. I was told my voice was very strong after last practice, and I am pretty
sure he meant in a good way.
I hope you enjoy this blog
I also wrote a poem today while waiting for the Gilmore Girls to come on (have I mentioned that I love that show?) that I alright I guess. I'm not sure I want to post it here though. It may become a song eventually. Speaking of songs, Doppelganger Effekt (site updates have been made, by the way, including a rumour page that is quite funny in my opinion that I'll leave you to find) has come up with some very interesting and good (in my opinion, I realize I am a bit bias) new songs. The ones which I refer to are actually a trio of songs called Petition to the American Caesars, Red Lethe (this one is named after a river running through Hell apparently), and Ululate, Plorate (this one means Moaning Tears in Italian). I think these represent some of our most creative work musically/lyrically and are quite fun to play.
I enjoy writing this blog
Summary in seven words: To compensate for the lack of updates.

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