Friday, October 29, 2004

It seems I have neglected to post for some time. I had 2 midterms earlier in the week, one which went well (as far as I can tell at present) and the other less so as it was uber long and no one had time to finish. I went to Oliver's house (apt, whatever) on one of the days this week, probably Tuesday or Wednesday, I can't remember. Anyways, that was fun, playing Mortal Kombat. Then somehow Issy found out that poking me produces spasmodic results and from then on it was corner Sam and poke him until he bleeds, which didn't seem like a good idea to me, but they seemed to enjoy it. I'm not sure I should be telling any of you this, but what happens when I am poked, pretty much anywhere in the torso area, is that I lose all control over my limbs for a short period of time and they violently flail around in a direction generally away from the poker. I'm probably going to regret writing this, but I feel I owe you something after such a long silence.

I played curling yesterday for the first time and it was quite fun to play, though it must be torture to watch. I only fell twice, once just a slip as I was shooting, and once was a real legs-slipping-out-from-under-me-and-I-go-crashing-to-the-ground sort of fall. I remember exactly what happened as it occurred: the 2 skips (one heroic) asked me if I was alright (which I was), another person on the other team told me exactly which parts of me I had hurt and which ones came close (this was really weird) and The Almighty Conga Man started to laugh hysterically and wouldn't stop until I poked him with my broomstick at which point he said something about it being "not funny." Oh, and Snowman started laughing too, but I didn't have to poke him with my broom, mostly because he had already fallen and poked himself with his own broom in the face, which he told us later, really hurts. After the game, it is customary for the winners to buy the losers drinks, which is a nice moral booster after a loss I guess, but we weren't expecting to win, so it was just a bonus. Some of the team members more prone to alcoholism were actively hoping to lose so that they would get free drinks (I was not one of these as I thought it would be much better to win against experienced teams than to get a drink bought for you out of pity), so they were happy.

Song played by new band discovered by me (not really) that is cool and generally better than mediocre: Title and Registration by Death Cab for Cutie

Summary in seven words: Poke Sam and deal with the consequences.

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