Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I was on the radio today. My friend invited me to his show because his usual on-air partner wasn't able or willing to come. It wasn't the first time I've been on air, but it was definitely the most peculiar. It basically consisted of me being asked a completely random philosophical question out of the blue in between songs. I thought they were good songs, not much variety but still good ones. Lots of Oscar Lopez who I was surprised to find was Canadian. I'm glad we have the best guitarist (possibly?) to become popular among my friends as a fellow citizen.

K showed me how to string a classical guitar tonight but I am uber horrible at it. It looks like a semi-skilled monkey had a go at it and nearly succeeded. The one she did looks perfect though, so I have one nicely strung string and 5 that are less than anything close to visually pleasing. It is functional though, and I don't think I will be playing much outside my own bedroom on that guitar, so I'm happy with it. It works.

Choir was fun today. Because of my cold I could hit all the low notes pretty easily. I guess that is one of the only upsides to having a cold, other than, of course, the constant sniffling and feeling like crap. Just in case anyone missed it, I was being sarcastic at the end of that last sentence. If anyone didn't catch it the first time, let me know and I'll schedule sracasm classes for you or something. Not really. This entry is getting silly/stupid/boring. Time to end it. Now.

Summary in seven words: Radio show, stringing of guitar, low notes.

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