Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I am a citizen of Quebec, also of those 12 other lesser provinces and territories, and proud of it. Because of this fact, I now have a 5 day vacation for Thanksgiving starting this Friday. Before that I have a midterm tomorrow morning for my History of Modern Art to 1950 class. The teacher is the most lenient professor I have ever had. When telling the class about the exam, he says, "The exam will be open book, open notes, so you can bring everything but a friend because we have not the room for that. I realize the seats are uncomfortable and there is little space for all your books, so you can sit at this front table or in the aisles if you would like to. You can pretty much do whatever you like on Thursday except for camping." That really shouldn't be in quotations since it is only a fairly accurate paraphrase. He said it all with his easy to listen to French accent. I like that teacher. He really knows his stuff, at least to my listening ears. He looks like an artist also, which I guess helps a bit (I don't know why it should help anything). In any case, I have been reading about Braque and Picasso all afternoon. This evening I have some interesting reading about the Futurist movement and something else planned. It is interesting reading, just uber long. At least they have lots of pictures about the paintings they are talking about and mostly in colour. I was reading another textbook that only had black and white pictures and it was so hard to understand, especially when you are reading about the Fauves and they are talking about the vivid colours used in their work.

Summary in seven words: Lots of reading and testing to do.

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