Friday, October 08, 2004

"Even though they are poor, I still respect them."

A quote heard on the news last night while we were eating pizza before the Bond movie and poker. A Korean cook was talking about the homeless people he gives the leftover food to after the fundraising meal is over at the hotel he works for. I'm glad he respects those people, you know, even though they are poor.

Odd job is great.

Poker is fun. It was the first time I have ever played for anything other than nothing and I came out on top enough to pay back The Almighty Conga Man all the money I owed him and still have $0.30 left over. We, all those playing the game, are all poor students (except for The Almighty Conga Man, I think), so we play $0.01 chips. At least that Korean cook respects us. The main game was Texas Hold 'Em (spelling?) but we could play whatever we liked when it was our turn to deal. I had fun.

My cold is now 99% gone thanks to my Jedi powers.

Summary in seven words: Movie. Winnings. Don't mock my Jedi powers.

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