Friday, October 29, 2004

It seems I have neglected to post for some time. I had 2 midterms earlier in the week, one which went well (as far as I can tell at present) and the other less so as it was uber long and no one had time to finish. I went to Oliver's house (apt, whatever) on one of the days this week, probably Tuesday or Wednesday, I can't remember. Anyways, that was fun, playing Mortal Kombat. Then somehow Issy found out that poking me produces spasmodic results and from then on it was corner Sam and poke him until he bleeds, which didn't seem like a good idea to me, but they seemed to enjoy it. I'm not sure I should be telling any of you this, but what happens when I am poked, pretty much anywhere in the torso area, is that I lose all control over my limbs for a short period of time and they violently flail around in a direction generally away from the poker. I'm probably going to regret writing this, but I feel I owe you something after such a long silence.

I played curling yesterday for the first time and it was quite fun to play, though it must be torture to watch. I only fell twice, once just a slip as I was shooting, and once was a real legs-slipping-out-from-under-me-and-I-go-crashing-to-the-ground sort of fall. I remember exactly what happened as it occurred: the 2 skips (one heroic) asked me if I was alright (which I was), another person on the other team told me exactly which parts of me I had hurt and which ones came close (this was really weird) and The Almighty Conga Man started to laugh hysterically and wouldn't stop until I poked him with my broomstick at which point he said something about it being "not funny." Oh, and Snowman started laughing too, but I didn't have to poke him with my broom, mostly because he had already fallen and poked himself with his own broom in the face, which he told us later, really hurts. After the game, it is customary for the winners to buy the losers drinks, which is a nice moral booster after a loss I guess, but we weren't expecting to win, so it was just a bonus. Some of the team members more prone to alcoholism were actively hoping to lose so that they would get free drinks (I was not one of these as I thought it would be much better to win against experienced teams than to get a drink bought for you out of pity), so they were happy.

Song played by new band discovered by me (not really) that is cool and generally better than mediocre: Title and Registration by Death Cab for Cutie

Summary in seven words: Poke Sam and deal with the consequences.


Sunday, October 24, 2004

Quote of the weekend: While playing Monopoly (I won, does that make me a good businessman?) and simultaneously watching Scarface, Adam out of the blue says, "Someday I want to eat a bar of Ivory soap." No, there was no context to that, no reason it was said, except, apparently, that that was one of his goals in life. I can't help wondering if he will actually do it. This is the same guy who is intolerant of the number 5 whenever possible and when playing Monopoly he won't accept any $5 or $50 bills ($500 yes but only because otherwise we would run out of $100s; he is not without consideration) so we make him be the banker, which is sort of ironic since he practices the Jewish faith (I know stereotypes are nearly always quite wrong, but they are interesting sometimes).

Tomorrow an exam in Consumer Behaviour. I will try not to get stressed about it. Band practice in the evening with swimming afterwards, which will I think become a regular thing. Keumerz will probably attend the practice, which is good because then we have someone to bounce ideas off of who is not biased by actually being the one playing the music.


Friday, October 22, 2004

This town is a horrible place for bikes and those that ride them. First, my bike The Beast breaks. Then, the bike I had been riding since the broken bike had become unusable becomes unsafe to ride. That brings us to when I got The Beast repaired. Since then, I have nearly been run over by a truck twice (both not my fault, the truckers sort of eased me into the sidewalk which causes the tires to jump and me to lose control of both the bike and the bowels (nearly, it is terrifying to have an 18 wheeler going quite fast half a metre from your face while you have no control of your bike). This morning, after a very fun breakfast with Ryan (who is leaving for Europe tomorrow for a year), Snowman, G spot and Senor Soup (who I called at 6:45 and told him to meet us there. Needless to say he was not very happy about that but was surprisingly not as surly as I thought he would be) at a nearly impossible (for me) seven in the morning, I go outside to find my rear tire had flattened itself. Completely. No air left at all. So, what did I do? I left it at the Senor's house and had coffee in the Green Room. For those of you who don't know what that is, I will now explain. It is a room in the drama building, accessed to from a green hallway and consists of a lot of green furniture arranged around a semi central table (not green and that is probably a good thing). This is where all the drama people hang out and smoke, mostly because it is the only place inside and on campus that you are allowed to smoke. I hung out there for a few hours and drank some horrid coffee (I don't like coffee to begin with, but it wakes you up, which is what I was going for at the time) and generally had a good time telling jokes and stories and making fun of things that we really shouldn't be making fun of. So, that was my morning, and a good one I thought. Later I will go and learn to curl because apparently I am signed up for a tournament and I have no idea how to play. It seems like a good idea that I should learn beforehand so I have no excuse for making a fool of myself, something that would seem is inevitable, especially since the game as I see it will be very long and boring. Amusement will be had by all; I'm sure, except for those who have no sense of humour. After that I will hang around until band practice where we will play the uber trio and try to make sense of it. I hope you have an excellent day as I will have by the end of it.

Quote of the day: (said by Senor Soup during breakfast) "I didn't stab you guys that much..."

Song of the day: Lovin Is What I Got by Sublime

Summary in seven words: Bike, breakfast, green room, my immediate future.


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

My midterm (for those of you who didn't know, that little outburst yesterday was in reference to one I had today) went well as far as I can tell, that is, I found the questions a bit challenging but answerable with what I will for the moment will assume are the correct answers. With that in mind, I am sure to receive 100% on this next exam. Before the test I was sitting on the couch in the business building with some friends, talking about random things (mostly coffee, beds and hangovers) and the conversation stumbled onto an annoying person of the female variety who asks many questions, most of which sort of make sense, but not really. **Aside: As I type this I am reminded of the old saying, "There are no stupid questions, just stupid people who feel compelled to ask questions." I don't know where it is from, and I'm quite sure it doesn't apply as she doesn't seem to be unintelligent, but she did rather annoy these people and apparently a lot of others with her questions, though not myself for reasons unknown.** He then went on to insult her appearance, which I found a bit distasteful, and then said something that put me into a giddy mood (I would say giggly, but I'm told that it isn't a word and that giddy is the closest in meaning to what I want to say; I must say I am rather disappointed), which was good. He said that "Ugly women shouldn't be allowed to speak". I found this so absurd that I started to laugh maniacally even though it was plain that he was serious, also quite disturbing. The statement does raise some interesting points about our society though and how some things never change. This person was/is in the Canadian Armed Forces, who have a history of prejudice against women. I don't know what, if anything, this has to do with his views, but I do know that the history of the Army has not been favourable to women, even in recent years. I remember a scandal several years ago in the local branch of the Army where they were projecting pornographic movies onto a Canadian flag. I am sure this guy wasn't in the Army at the time, but I think his statement (and I am quite sure he was serious and he said it in a heated manner as if he truly believed it and didn't even smile when I burst into laughter) shows that the culture there has not changed all that much and that there are still many people very prejudiced out there. Then there are people like me who jump to conclusions that shouldn't be jumped to over a one time statement and a simple fact. I realize my arguments are jumpy and generally weak, but I would like your opinions on the issue, especially since I believe I have a predominately female readership.
Thank you for reading my ramblings
On a more positive note, there is choir tomorrow. I really enjoy choir. I find the pieces difficult enough to keep my interest for long periods of time, which is good, and I like the people I am in the choir with. I also like the positive change in the quality of my singing I am hearing because of being in the choir. I was told my voice was very strong after last practice, and I am pretty
sure he meant in a good way.
I hope you enjoy this blog
I also wrote a poem today while waiting for the Gilmore Girls to come on (have I mentioned that I love that show?) that I alright I guess. I'm not sure I want to post it here though. It may become a song eventually. Speaking of songs, Doppelganger Effekt (site updates have been made, by the way, including a rumour page that is quite funny in my opinion that I'll leave you to find) has come up with some very interesting and good (in my opinion, I realize I am a bit bias) new songs. The ones which I refer to are actually a trio of songs called Petition to the American Caesars, Red Lethe (this one is named after a river running through Hell apparently), and Ululate, Plorate (this one means Moaning Tears in Italian). I think these represent some of our most creative work musically/lyrically and are quite fun to play.
I enjoy writing this blog
Summary in seven words: To compensate for the lack of updates.


Tuesday, October 19, 2004



Friday, October 15, 2004

Yesterday after choir, I went to the student lounge and talked with Adam, a gentleman I haven't seen it a while who is always interesting to talk to. Jonah and Ilana were also there, and Etienne for a short while. After Ilana went to class, the three remaining went to supper at on of the Greek restaurants. I had a poutine and pizza; it quite good as always. We then decided it was a good idea to go swimming (acutually we had decided it was a good idea earlier but we only acted on that idea at this point), so off we went. Jonah is very entertaining when attempting to use the diving board because he has about as much grace as a sperm whale who had just been transformed to its now present form from a nuclear missile by the activation of an unprotected imporbability drive falling to the surface of a dead planet from several kilometers above its surface. Suffice to say, he has little in the way of grace when using the device and, similar to the above situation, is also quite funny to imagine/watch. Its ok though because he is a very funny guy and fun to hang around.

After we had bored outselves of the pool, we went off to the sauna. I can't say enough good things about the sauna. It was wonderfully hot and steamy and there were no old, naked men sitting in it while I was there. Jonah couldn't stand it, was tired, and so left halfway through to go sleep, at which point we decided to make it really hot in there and quite succeeded, mostly by splashing cold water on the heat sensor and pouring a lot of water on the coals. It was great, though I think Jonah would have died had he stayed.

Summary in seven words: Eating, swimming and saunaing makes good evening.


Thursday, October 14, 2004

Sorry about the scarcity of updates lately. It is midterm season. As such, I can't start updating at the moment. Sorry. I had a Stats exam yesterday that I think went well and I have a Macroeconomics test today. Wish me luck.


Monday, October 11, 2004

Song of the day: Dramamine by Modest Mouse


Sunday, October 10, 2004

That guy likes his baton too much. He even had a book on the table about how to wave it correctly. Then there was the whiteboard. Interesting dynamic with the trilingual approach though. The classical guitar ensemble I attended today was very interesting in many ways, and completely horrible in others. I now realize that I am not nearly perfectionist enough to ever be good at the guitar, or at least not the classical playing style of it. I was the only one not playing with the guitar tilted upwards and who didn't have a footstool or a nailfile and/or sandpaper. Also that my fingers are too big, but that I knew already, for typical fingering (the girls playing the melody with actually started to adopt my technique and I'm not sure that is a good thing). I have some added appreciation for composers and musical scores, I just wish even more that I could read them. I still managed to learn most of the piece by looking at other people, and would have learned the whole thing if people weren't so scared of the leader so as not to want to show me the bits I needed to know. I also realize that my guitar looks quite shabby compared to all the other ones there. We spent 3 hours working on 18 bars of music, which most of the people already knew at least somewhat. With 7 guitars, it is hard (one person was missing) to get the timing of the piece right, even with a baton. It was a very long afternoon, but not one which I regret. I am glad I had the experience, playing with a bunch of guitarists that are all much better than I, though I was able to play Asturias much better than one of the guys there. Go me! Unfortunately, or otherwise, I haven't really decided yet, I have scheduling conflicts with the choir, so I can't continue with this ensemble. Very cool people in the ensemble, all went for a much needed (in my opinion) beer after the meeting, but I couldn't go because I had people waiting for me at home who were very happy to see me when I walked in the door (that is after the initial bombardment of questions like "What is her name? I know thats what it was because you said you would only be gone for 2 hours and that was over three hours ago!" No, that was not my mother asking the questions, but a friend of the family's who's daughter has the best laugh ever.). We ordered pizza (Quebecois of course) for Thanksgiving dinner (they were supposed to stay the night and eat turkey the next day but they had family members ill at home in Montreal that they wanted to get back to). Live long and prosper.

Summary in seven words: Classical guitar is more complicated than thought.


Saturday, October 09, 2004

I finally got my bike repaired. I know I have been biking around a lot lately, but for the past two and a half summers it has not been on my own bike. Mine is actually more my size and it is a beast. If Ian thought I was a "speed demon" on that other beat up rusty near death trap, I doubt he would be able to follow the trail of burning rubber that I leave behind me as I fly from place A to place B, unless of course I let him keep up, which I would because it isn't very nice to go biking with someone and then go too fast that he wouldn't be able to keep up, and I have been generally regarded as a nice person (at least to my knowledge) by most people, so I wouldn't do that, and in fact I did let him keep up the last time, but he only told me later that he had to go as fast as he could to keep up with my reduced speed as the sweat poured off his face unbeknownst to me as I was in front (I have since taken to letting other people lead the way so that they can set the pace). I'm not at all sorry for that last sentence even though it committed multiple grammatical you-must-never-ever-do-this-or-the-gramatical-big-brother-who-hears-and-reads-
acceptable-reason-whatsoever. So, I will accept the risks and leave it there. If anyone feels like objecting, I will leave a similarly structured message in either your comments or your inbox. Mwhahahahahahaha!


Anyways, I was invited to join a classical guitar ensemble by the best guitarist I have heard with my own ears (Ilana, I have not heard your dad play, so he was not included, though I can safely assume he is better since he is this guy's teacher) by the name of Miguel. He said there were seven guitars so far and that I should come by and make it eight. Of course, first he asked me if I had a classical guitar. Rather odd proposition, especially since the only time he has ever heard me play was last January when I plucked out Greensleeves with 2 fingers. I did mention that I really am not great, or even remotely good at classical style, and that I only got this classical lent to me several days ago, but he didn't seem to care. I guess I will find out what will happen tomorrow when they meet. If nothing else, it will be fun to hear all the guitarists that are undoubtedly much better than I play.

Summary in seven words: The Beast repaired and a guitar ensemble.


Friday, October 08, 2004

"Even though they are poor, I still respect them."

A quote heard on the news last night while we were eating pizza before the Bond movie and poker. A Korean cook was talking about the homeless people he gives the leftover food to after the fundraising meal is over at the hotel he works for. I'm glad he respects those people, you know, even though they are poor.

Odd job is great.

Poker is fun. It was the first time I have ever played for anything other than nothing and I came out on top enough to pay back The Almighty Conga Man all the money I owed him and still have $0.30 left over. We, all those playing the game, are all poor students (except for The Almighty Conga Man, I think), so we play $0.01 chips. At least that Korean cook respects us. The main game was Texas Hold 'Em (spelling?) but we could play whatever we liked when it was our turn to deal. I had fun.

My cold is now 99% gone thanks to my Jedi powers.

Summary in seven words: Movie. Winnings. Don't mock my Jedi powers.


Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I am a citizen of Quebec, also of those 12 other lesser provinces and territories, and proud of it. Because of this fact, I now have a 5 day vacation for Thanksgiving starting this Friday. Before that I have a midterm tomorrow morning for my History of Modern Art to 1950 class. The teacher is the most lenient professor I have ever had. When telling the class about the exam, he says, "The exam will be open book, open notes, so you can bring everything but a friend because we have not the room for that. I realize the seats are uncomfortable and there is little space for all your books, so you can sit at this front table or in the aisles if you would like to. You can pretty much do whatever you like on Thursday except for camping." That really shouldn't be in quotations since it is only a fairly accurate paraphrase. He said it all with his easy to listen to French accent. I like that teacher. He really knows his stuff, at least to my listening ears. He looks like an artist also, which I guess helps a bit (I don't know why it should help anything). In any case, I have been reading about Braque and Picasso all afternoon. This evening I have some interesting reading about the Futurist movement and something else planned. It is interesting reading, just uber long. At least they have lots of pictures about the paintings they are talking about and mostly in colour. I was reading another textbook that only had black and white pictures and it was so hard to understand, especially when you are reading about the Fauves and they are talking about the vivid colours used in their work.

Summary in seven words: Lots of reading and testing to do.


Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I was on the radio today. My friend invited me to his show because his usual on-air partner wasn't able or willing to come. It wasn't the first time I've been on air, but it was definitely the most peculiar. It basically consisted of me being asked a completely random philosophical question out of the blue in between songs. I thought they were good songs, not much variety but still good ones. Lots of Oscar Lopez who I was surprised to find was Canadian. I'm glad we have the best guitarist (possibly?) to become popular among my friends as a fellow citizen.

K showed me how to string a classical guitar tonight but I am uber horrible at it. It looks like a semi-skilled monkey had a go at it and nearly succeeded. The one she did looks perfect though, so I have one nicely strung string and 5 that are less than anything close to visually pleasing. It is functional though, and I don't think I will be playing much outside my own bedroom on that guitar, so I'm happy with it. It works.

Choir was fun today. Because of my cold I could hit all the low notes pretty easily. I guess that is one of the only upsides to having a cold, other than, of course, the constant sniffling and feeling like crap. Just in case anyone missed it, I was being sarcastic at the end of that last sentence. If anyone didn't catch it the first time, let me know and I'll schedule sracasm classes for you or something. Not really. This entry is getting silly/stupid/boring. Time to end it. Now.

Summary in seven words: Radio show, stringing of guitar, low notes.


Sunday, October 03, 2004

"All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare." -Spinoza-


Saturday, October 02, 2004

Yesterday I played my new bass until my fingers hurt, which is longer that you'd think. I love my new guitar; it looks good, it sounds good (at least to my ears) and it plays nicely (again, at least to my virgin fingers). Then I went to band practice where we had two new people: Stephanie and a really good guitarist that I can't quite recall the name of. I really liked Stephanie's input as she seems to have a lot of good ideas, but the other guy pretty much just sat there and played the whole time, quite well, not all worked with what we were playing (in fact most I would say, but perhaps I'm being a bit harsh) with some very interesting stuff, but it leads me to believe that he can't work well in a group. We'll see what happens.

After practice I headed off to watch Night B of the Newplays, which were quite good. In the first play, the lead actress had come down with Salmonella and had to be replaced 6 hours before showtime by one of the directors. She acted quite well. The script she carried throughout the show wasn't even much of a hinderance. The second play was my favorite: Hunchback Scholars May Yet Change The World. It was very well acted and hilariously funny in an intelligent and entirely un-Bishops way. Only about 10 people in the audience seemed to catch most of the jokes, which is sad because they were really great.

After the plays I went to the Lion to see Stairway Movement (yes, again) with Nwar, Ilana and Jonah. The sound in the Lion is poor at best, so everything sounded decent at best. The warm up band was alright, playing one really good song that got me all excited for the rest of the show so that it didn't matter that the sound was so bad. At one point during the warm up bands performance, a friend came up to our table to say hello from across the room. We exchanged comments about the band and the next to come, the usual stuff. When she had left, I turned back to my friends and they were attempting to play three way patti-cake! I laughed at them for a full minute before they gave up and started looking at me funny for laughing at them. The Stairway Movement only actually started playing at about 12:30 (annoying because the poster said 10). I had to leave at about one because the smoke was doing something to my throat and lungs so that I couldn't breathe. Today I have an uber sore throat and a moustache that smells of stale smoke (the worst part about going to a smoky place).

Summary in seven words: A night in the life of Sam.


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