Monday, September 13, 2004

"Statistics is like eating an elephant."
"Statistics is like doing sit-ups. No one can sit down and do three hours at a time, it would kill you."

Two wonderful quotes from my Stats II teacher about her chosen subject to teach. I like this teacher but everyone else seems not to for some reason. I love her seemingly random comments about stuff. For instance, she walked into class today and instead of a greeting of some sort, she says this, "You can't eat an elephant all at once!" Of course there was context to that statement, but if you hadn't been there the class before, as I'm sure some people hadn't, then that would have sounded quite odd and humourous (at least to me, actually, it was anyways).

Is it odd that Professors at my University prefer to be called Doctor Xxxxxx rather than Professor Xxxxxx? Someone told me that was not how things are usually done and I am wondering if they are completely off the mark. Short post today. Sorry for the lack of them lately. Fragmented senteces. I know. I am cooler.

Summary in seven words: Stats is funny but long and boring.

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