Saturday, September 04, 2004

I went to town today. Simple enough, yes? This trip into town today was slightly different, very slightly. It started out routine enough, going to a friends appartment to lend him my uber cool camera and show him how to use it with me making my explanations needlessly complicated as usual. Then after that he got out his photo albums with the pictures he took when he was in Africa for the three months that the the program he was involved in took him there. He had some amazing pictures and by amazing I mean really incredible. Pictures of monkeys, of warthogs, of antelopes, of sacred shrines, a monument to the archangel Michael about do decapitate someone, of his co-workers at the water company, of his friends in his program, of the family he stayed with, of a beer truck that had painted on it "conserve water, drink beer" written on the side of it, of some kids in the street that taught him some games, and in general some really cool things. He had some insane pictures of sunsets. My favorite picture was of a guide standing on a rock looking out onto the plain (veldt I guess it could be called) to look out for a certain animal whose territory they were about to enter with a maddive elephant rifle slung across his shoulder and eyes gazing into the distance. Really amazing picture.

He then showed me all of the stuff he had brought back, well, some of it. All quite interesting and quite nice. He had one little truck that a kid had made for him out of milk tins. It was all very cool, interesting and quite foreign. I don't think any of us can ever really understand that part of the world without actually going to the dark continent ourselves. After seeing all that stuff, I want to go. Who is with me?

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