Monday, September 20, 2004

I went out on an evening with the girls yesterday, most of whom I had hung out with before. We went to Kaori, a Japanese restaurant where they have the grill built into the table and cook your food in front of you. It really is a show when they do it. Our guy was really funny, calling everything "special Japanese ______" (for example when he was frying the chicken he would take out his "special Japanese Coca Cola" and squirt it on). The best was when at the end he was scraping off the hot metal surface, he took the scrapings, fliped them onto his spatula and offered it to one of my companions saying "Japanese vitamins?". She refused, obviously, at which point he looked all sad and pouty when he said, "Japonese poubelle" and tossed it in the garbage can. What a great finally.

After that great meal, we decided it was time for dessert, so off to Caffuccino's we went. Ilana and I shared something called L'Extase (extasy) made for 2 people, and it turned out to be the most massive piece of cake I had ever seen. It had 9 layers or succulent chocolate cake with chocolate mousse in between each and all around. It was delicious, but it could have easily fed a small town in one of the poorer african countries (African because they have smaller small towns there). Nevertheless, we finnished it all off because that is what you do to cake. Home it was after that. A very fun night for all (I think, they could have been lying...), at least for me anyways.

My acoustic bass will be in the mail tomorrow if nothing else goes wrong. w00t!

Summary in seven words: Good food, good friends, good cake...Bass!

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