Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I am now part of my universities choir along with such notable commenters such as Nwar, The Almighty Conga Man, Ilana's Mom and I think that's it. After my audition this afternoon I was described as "extremely useful" and that I had a "strong falsetto, like Ian". They said that last bit as if it were a good thing, so that is reasuring. Now if I could only learn to spell...

The practice was fun but I can't read notes so for the vast majority of the time I was uberiffically and inextollably lost. I was also seated next to a tenor which didn't help matters as I have been diagnosed a barritone. I was secretly hoping for a soprano part, but what can you do.

Big game today which I will watch at least part of. Only potentially part because the Stairway Movement is playing at the Java at roughly the same time, but they are usually late so the game may be over by the time they actually start. I like them, they are fun to listen to. Similar bands would be Sublime and Dispatch.

Summary in seven words: Sam's in a choir. Game or Band.

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